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Capital Investment in Quarry Mining

Depending where you live the recession for construction materials has lasted anywhere from 5-7 years.  Although this time has been challenging it also has created some unique opportunities.  We have seen change – and most of it is for the good.

Our company has the good fortune of seeing the industry from a different perspective.  We are not in the forest – operating plants daily and we are not analyst looking at leading economic indicators trying to predict what is going to happen next.  We are somewhere in the middle working across the country with operating companies evaluating current operating plants and evaluating prospective green field plants.  We listen to the challenges plant managers face and we have seen a difference emerge in the past 7 years.  The recession has changed our company on how we serve our clients and what we provide.


Prior to 2007 the ability to make money in the construction materials business was easier than it is now.  Access to capital for plant upgrades and maintenance was easier to justify with confidence and uptime and capacity where key indicators for success.  When sales demand dropped everything changed – plants were forced to conserve cash, minimize inventory, delay maintenance and cut costs.  Many operations have remained open but operating with cost awareness mentality.  Companies have been forced to scale the business and operate the plants differently.  The business muscles the industry has developed are good – the economy has forced the plants to be economically viable.  Stock holders will benefit from those companies who maintain this attitude as the economy improves for construction materials.  Efficient operations will provide higher margins and greater stock holder value.

To assure efficient operations when sales demand increases the need to invest in plants will increase.  Managers of the business are challenged with the decision – “Is now the right time to invest” and if so – how do we convince stake holders to move forward.  From the top down – predictability is a requirement to gain confidence and we believe it’s even more critical to the company’s success.  Our company has shifted gears to address this demand and now spends as much time reviewing all aspects or the operation as we do applying the right equipment for the project.  The bottom line is the room for errors is smaller because as an industry our confidence has been shaken.   Defining a clear objective then collaborating with a cross functional team of experts is a good first step in building confidence in moving forward.

Why TPS?

When it comes to quarry material handling equipment, Turn-Key Processing Solutions is an industry leader. We work with individual client companies to determine the best methods and equipment for meeting your objectives. In addition to providing equipment, our team offers turn-key solutions that cover project management, material handling, engineering, construction and more. Contact Turn-Key Processing Solutions today to learn more about the bulk material handling process and to find out how we can help you meet your quarry needs.