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Frac Sand Processing Solutions

TPS designs and builds state-of-the-art, efficient and cost-effective frac sand processing plants.

Frac Sand Mining and Processing

Turn-Key Processing Solutions has been providing EPCM services to the frac sand industry for years. We have helped companies with greenfield projects to verify reserves, attain permits, develop capital and operating budgets, analyze logistics, build complete plants and operate the plants. Our comprehensive approach has helped several companies get into a new business, build successful operations and, in several instances, go public. We mitigate construction and operational risks for our clients by taking on the risk and providing the guarantees required for projects to move forward.

TPS has extensive experience designing, constructing and commissioning industrial sand facilities. We provide custom solutions tailored to fit the needs of our customers. Not all sands are created equal, so we analyze the reserves, conduct testing and design facilities that beneficiate unwanted materials, ensuring the highest quality, highest yield and lowest operating costs. We design sand plants with the operator in mind and we create maintenance-friendly operations that achieve the highest uptime and lowest operating cost in the industry.

Reserves and De-Agglomeration

Many times reserves are found that are actually agglomerated grains of sand. These agglomerated materials take shape as sandstone and require energy to break the bond between the individual grains. We use blasting, crushing, screening, washing, scrubbing and hydraulic pressure methods to break the bond between agglomerated materials. TPS has the experience to determine the most effective method of de-agglomerating these materials. The binder that holds the sand together is often poor-quality, ultra-fine material that must be removed in order to meet quality specifications.

“Different challenges come up during a project and TPS is always willing to work through those. TPS deals with the different variables and changes, and comes up with the best possible result for the customer.”

Tom Greco, Mississippi Sand LLC