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Bulk Material Transportation Terminals

TPS can move bulk materials from mine to port to the processing facility, and can transport the finished product to final market destinations.

Moving Your Materials

Transporting both raw materials and finished product can be a substantial percentage of the overall cost of the product and ultimately your bottom line. Turn-Key Processing has designed transportation solutions in various locations that efficiently move our clients’ materials while minimizing costs.

We analyze the logistics associated with manufacturing your product and consider the material handling alternatives. Using our experience in bulk material handling and engineering, TPS designs systems that handle the product correctly and cost effectively, while accounting for the facility’s unique characteristics.

Each type of terminal has particular challenges. Water systems must take into account the currents and changes in water level, while rail terminals have specific site considerations. At the start of each project, TPS professionals visit each site to get a good understanding of any physical constraints. After this initial survey, we review best practices for handling the material so we can develop the best possible design for the terminal.

Our experience includes:

  • Rail Trans Load Terminals
  • River Terminals
  • Truck Loading and Unloading