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TPS provides the right equipment to get the job done.

Making the details come together is critical to a projects success. Our team works with suppliers to negotiate competitive pricing, delivery expectations, logistics, and administrative details. They also work closely with project management to assure all items are at the site when needed in good condition.

TPS provides objectivity during equipment selection which guarantees our clients confidence to make the right capital project decisions. Selecting and using the appropriate equipment is critical to the success of any operation.

Objectivity is important when selecting the right equipment to optimize a processing plants performance. For this reason, TPS has chosen to remain independent of specific manufacturers. We base our recommendations on production, yield, quality, price and support. After the processing professionals and design team complete the project flow they will determine the best type of bulk material handling equipment and mineral processing equipment. TPS then collaborates with our clients to select a specific manufacturer.

Once the manufacturer and equipment is selected the procurement and accounting team will work closely together to make sure all terms are mutually beneficial and agreed and the delivery schedules are acceptable. The project management team then manages the schedules, inspects the equipment upon arrival, and creates easily accessible parts books for future use.

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