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Case Study:

Gold Mine


The customer on this Gold Mine needed a material processing expert to Design, Build and Construct their greenfield project. TPS helped them determine the best practices for processing the mined material and provide a predictable product to the down-stream processing of the material.

Project Details:

  • Location: California
  • Project Size: $20 - 30 Million
  • Project Type:

Benefits Delivered:

  • Turn-Key Processing Solutions identified risks to the client, and then developed a plan to mitigate and manage both construction and operational risks
  • Our operational background provided a unique solution to the client by providing both a Guaranteed Maximum Price construction proposal and a proposal to Engineer, Procure and Construct the new plant
  • TPS project took approximately twelve months to complete
  • The plant met all the performance guarantees included in the contract
  • The plant has performed as specified and per the guarantee