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Facilities Operations Services

Maximize the potential of your operations with our proven management methods and practices.

TPS Ops, a division of TPS, works with all the departments at Turn-Key Processing Solutions. TPS Ops professionals assist in the process of developing plants that operate efficiently. They work with the designers and engineer to build plants that can be maintained and operated cost-effectively. TPS Operations has multiple locations, each with its own P&L, safety plan and workforce, but united by a common philosophy of operational excellence and demanding safety expectations.

TPS Operations uses proven management methods and practices to ensure that your operation reaches its maximum potential. Our operations management professionals are focused on developing and implementing strategic plans that optimize your business. We customize our approach based on your specific goals and needs. We get paid for performance — if we don’t add value, you don’t pay anything. TPS Ops provides the talent and resources needed to make your operation highly effective and to reach steady state.

WP Ops

Turn-Key Processing Solutions employees managing development operation

The following is a partial list of the typical services we provide:

  • Create work and manpower schedules
  • Help the owner hire employees and manage their performance
  • Develop and train the owner’s employees in the areas of safety, health, environmental, quality control, community relations, customer service, plant operations and mining operations
  • Develop a safety program consistent with the laws and regulations administered by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
  • Create and administer a preventive maintenance program
  • Develop a quality control program to ensure that the products meet customer specifications
  • Develop a process to provide quick in and out times for customers’ drivers
  • Develop a health program that incorporates best practices and techniques to limit the silica dust exposure; this includes working closely with an industrial hygienist hired by the owner
  • Develop standard operating procedures designed to reduce variability and optimize the operation
  • Manage the operating costs and recommend to owner all reasonable means to reduce costs
  • Develop measurement systems to manage key input variables that affect productivity, quality and profitability
  • Benchmark performance against similar operations and employ best practices to improve and optimize performance
  • Provide written profit improvement projects, capital equipment budgeting and operating cost budgeting
  • Maximize yield of higher-value products
  • Provide all reasonable means for maximizing long-term profitability while protecting the overall assets
  • Provide executive-caliber management assistance to maximize return on investment
  • Monitor the project’s key performance indicators both remotely and on-site