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Tips for Successful Project Management

At TPS, we know successful project management looks like and what it takes. Proficient management is absolutely key for the success of any major (or minor) project. We have the full range of EPCM capabilities at our disposal and know what it takes to bring each unique project to completion; our project managers have a minimum of two decades’ experience in building plants, operating plants, and maintaining plants. Here are just a few critical components while operating as a successful project manager.

Choosing the Right Team

Project managers know the strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities of all of their team members. Project managers know which work to allocate to the employee that is fit for the job; using the wrong resource/employee for the particular work in question can lead to improper use of time and resources. Everyone has a specialized set of skills and strengths and adept project managers know which employee will fit the bill.

Tackling Project Issues

Issues will crop up regardless of the project that will be undertaken. This can include a shortage of manpower, equipment, raw materials, or vehicles. A great project manager can swiftly deal with issues as they arise and proactively think about how to avoid unnecessary delays and hiccups. Molehills never turn into mountains with an experienced project manager, as they’ve probably dealt with hundreds of similar situations in the past. This is why experience is a necessary component of successful project management. Effective project managers also plan for contingencies. There will be certain unforeseen hurdles with a project; time for possible issues will be accounted for in the project timeline. This allows a realistic project completion time, and if anything, may lead to project completion ahead of time.

Managing Project Costs

We are a results-driven company that always makes good on bold promises. TPS’s extensive network allows us to charge a competitive rate for exceptional results. The financial element of a project is arguably the most important… and proper budgeting, realistic estimation, and effective implementation of the budget is something that an experienced project manager excels at. A master project manager will deliver a reasonable budget with a realistic time frame.

Understanding the Work

Our project managers have a minimum of two decades of experience in the business. This means that before they were project managers, they’ve worked multiple careers in the EPCM field; this broad and extensive level of experience guarantees an understanding of exactly what work is needed and what that entails.

Reporting Deliverables Effectively

Investors want to know where their money is going. Project managers are tasked with the duty of reporting key deliverables and criteria. Milestones are an effective way to measure success; internal and external checkpoints allow effective communication between the contractor and client. These milestones also ensure project timeliness and trust between the two parties. Regular checkpoints also allow wiggle-room for client suggestions, critiques, and changes in plan implementation.

EPCM Contracting and Project Management

Turn Key Processing Solutions is your go-to for the full-range of EPCM services, including project management, engineering, bulk material handling, construction, procurement, mineral processing, transportation terminals, and more.