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What is Aggregate Used for?

Aggregate is material used for the building and construction industries and is mixed with substances such as lime, gypsum, bitumen, cement, and other adhesive forms to produce finished materials such as mortar and concrete. Aggregate offers wear and erosion resistance, stability, volume, and other physical properties that are desired. Some of the aggregate processing plants that we’ve worked on include slag, shale, burned clay, sand, broken stone, and gravel plants. Depending on the application, aggregate can be very finely ground (such as sand or crushed stone) or coarse (such as stone fragments, pebbles, and other coarse substances). In a practical application, fine aggregate is used to make thin concrete slabs, while coarse aggregate is used to create much larger structures.

Generally, natural gravel and sand are dredged from a river, lake, pit, or seabed. The crushed aggregate is produced by pulverizing or crushing boulders, cobbles, quarry rock, or large-size gravel. Recycled concrete is also a popular choice among some operators.

The type of medium for the aggregate is dependent on what finished product a client is looking for. For example, a good concrete mix require hard, clean, and strong particles free of coatings of clay or chemicals. A coating of clay or chemicals can result in the deterioration of concrete over time.

TPS: Your Aggregate Processing Plant Provider

While we got our start in the construction materials industry, we now have years of experience in operating and building aggregate processing plants. We deliver the right equipment and experienced staff that has hands-on experience in applying the processing equipment in different rock types. Our products and results exceed industry standards and mitigate construction and performance risk. We believe that customers deserve uncompromising quality and assurances that the aggregate plant they are investing in will operate beyond conventional standards. We offer peak performance guarantees and efficiency. Contact our office at (888) 670-9690.