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Quality Control and Testing

Our quality control program helps you reduce variability, meet product criteria and optimize yields.

Reduce Variability and Increase Yields

We understand that consistently meeting customer expectations can be challenging. That’s why an effective quality control and testing program is essential to any processing operation.

Our proven techniques help operators reduce variability so their products meet specifications. A solid quality control program does more than ensure that your products meet specs — it provides the information and tools required to increase the yield of desirable products, while reducing the yield of undesirable products.


  • TPS creates a comprehensive testing program, complete with approved testing methods and lab and technician certification

Statistical Process Control

  • TPS has a extensive experience utilizing Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Six Sigma techniques to reduce variability in all types of processes and operations
  • Consistency allows us to predict, plan and optimize your operation
  • Reduced variability is essential to becoming a low-cost producer
  • Effective management of upstream key input variables is critical to downstream consistency and successful operations


  • TPS has the experience to set up an effective quality control program and ensure compliance with product specifications
  • TPS can provide third-party verification and regular audits

Standard Operating Procedures

  • TPS works closely with your operations personnel to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all aspects of your operation

Diligent adherence to strong SOPs helps us achieve greater consistency, which allows for optimization