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Value Engineering Services

Decrease costs while improving quality and performance.

Why Use Value Engineering?

Turn-Key Processing Solutions uses value engineering to help you improve your processes, products and projects. The goal is to achieve the optimum balance between the function, performance, quality, cost and safety of your project. The proper balance of these factors is the maximum value of the project.

What Is Value Engineering?
Value methodology involves determining the function/cost ratio that produces the best value, when value is defined as the performance of functions that meet the customer’s needs at the lowest cost. The steps include:

  • Information collection to fully understand the project
  • Analysis of the required functions, i.e., what the project is intended to do
  • Generation of ideas on all the ways to accomplish the end result
  • Evaluation of ideas and selection of those that are feasible
  • Development of the best alternatives for improving value
  • Presentation of recommended option to stakeholders

TPS weighs the function of your plant against ways to save money. We make sure that the function of your plant is not compromised while cost-saving options are provided. The alternatives are presented to the stakeholders as early as possible so decisions can be made in a timely manner. Options often include alternative OEM components or system options. TPS always strives to provide the highest quality project while improving the client’s bottom line.