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Plant Operations Optimization

TPS ensures that your plant is working efficiently.

Operational Background

Turn-Key Processing Solutions doesn’t just build plants; we have a proven track record of operating them too. Our operational expertise helps us understand your desired end result and guarantee optimal performance. The process begins with collaboration. We inspect your facility, interview managers and employees and listen to your objectives. Our team works closely with yours to determine the right processing solution — one that maximizes performance and improves your bottom line.

Process Analysis and Optimization
TPS takes the following steps to analyze and optimize your facility:


  • Identify the capacity of all the system components
  • Identify the constraints in the system and develop a strategy to relieve them
  • Increased throughput reduces costs and increases profits


  • TPS maximizes the yield of sellable products
  • We maximize the yield of higher-value products
  • This is essential to optimizing your operation and maximizing profits


  • TPS compares your actual performance to that of others in your industry
  • This helps us to identify areas for improvement and then focus on those areas with the most opportunity for improvement

Best Practices

  • Years of trial and error have led to the development and improvement of best practices
  • TPS shares and utilizes best practices for your industry

Standard Operating Procedures

  • TPS personnel work closely with your team to develop standard operating procedures for all critical aspects of your operations
  • Developing highly effective standard operating procedures and adhering to those standards is essential to predictable and consistent performance

Personnel Development

  • TPS helps with hiring, recruiting and developing top talent in all levels of your organization
  • TPS provides customized training programs tailored to your specific needs